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Inspired by my love of nature, of the desert, and of my garden, these pieces are a snapshot of the world around us.

Apple branch necklace in sterling silver and gold with pink and green gems
Sterling silver, 14 kt. gold, rhodolite garnets, tsavorite garnets, and chrome diopside
16" L x 5" W x .125" D
Cast apple branch earrings in sterling silver with chrome diopside
Sterling silver and chrome diopside
2.75" L x .25" W
Sterling silver folded leaves
Sterling silver
2.25" L x .7" W x .25" D
Branch sterling silver cuff with green and pink gems
Sterling silver, tsavorite garnets, rubellite, and spinel
6.25" L x 1.25" W x .125" D
Sterling silver, 18 karat gold apple branches with pink tourmaline and garnet and Mabe pearl
Sterling Silver, 18 karat gold, tourmaline, garnet, mabe pearl
20" L x 1" W x .3" D
Collection of single, double, triple sterling silver apple branch bangles, sizes medium and large, red garnet, 18 karat gold
Sterling silver, 18 karat gold, garnets
Singles .2" W, Double .4" W., Triple .8" W
flower sterling silver edelweiss citrine yellow
sterling silver and citrine
1" L x1.25" W x.125" D (pendant)
Edelweiss ring in sterling silver with two sterling silver stack rings
Sterling silver
1" L x1.25" W x.125" D
sterling silver reverse cuff with pink pearls and flower bud or nest
Sterling silver and freshwater pearls
6" L x .25" W x 4" D
vine textured ring in sterling silver and gold, stack rings, pearls
Sterling silver, 14 kt. gold, freshwater pearls
Size 7; .2" W
Carved sterling silver flower bud studs with peacock pearls
Sterling silver and peacock freshwater pearls
.5" L x .5" W x .4" D
wide cuff botanical pattern gold and silver labradorite
18 kt gold and sterling silver
5.5" L x1.5" W
Sterling silver lariat, floral pattern with organic forms in green turquoise, pyrite, yellow
Sterling silver, citrine, turquoise, Royston Ranch turquoise, pyritized ammonite, rutiliated cat's eye
28" L x 2.5" W x .5" D
Sterling silver butterfly, orange sapphires, yellow citrine
Sterling silver, citrine, sapphires
1.75" L x 2" W (pendant)
Sterling Silver Branch Coral Ring
Sterling silver
Size 7; .3" W
Sterling silver circles with vine texture and red stones
Sterling silver and garnets
1.3" L x .75" W x .125" D
sterling silver link necklace with red and white stones
Sterling silver, 18kt. gold, white sapphires and garnets
18" L x.75" W x .125" D